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There are 25 motel type rooms in Wenonah Lodge, each with its own en-suite, bed, staff call system and spacious cupboards in a temperature controlled environment. One room is allocated for respite care and 24 rooms for permanent accommodation.

Rooms are grouped into cottages that are linked by hallways to each other and to communal dining and lounge rooms. All the buildings and grounds are "smoke free" so no smoking is permitted anywhere. The hostel has an aviary of budgerigars and a tank of fish.

Wenonah Lodge can accommodate low care and some high care residents as we have an "ageing in place" policy that aims to have our residents stay at Wenonah as their need cares increase. This is not always possible, depending on circumstances, but we do mostly achieve this aim and often have been able to provide care through to the palliative end stage of life.

An activities officer provides a wide range of interesting activities to keep residents’ minds stimulated and gentle exercises strengthen their muscle tone. With the assistance of volunteers, residents choose to participate in craft, nail care, singing, bingo, carpet bowls, indoor golf, reading, quizzes, hookey, hoy and many more.

There are regular outings to local places of interest and occasions to shop locally or enjoy a cup of coffee with friends in the community.

Church services are held monthly, a podiatrist visits every second month, the Library Mobile Van calls every 4 weeks and a hairdresser comes to Wenonah regularly throughout the year.

Family and friends are always welcome and residents are free to come and go as they please, including holidays or overnight stays.


There is  a Standard Resident contribution of $48.44 per day that everybody pays (as at 20/9/2016).

If you have assets less than $46,500 then you will be a "supported" resident and the government will subsidise the cost of your accommodation. 

If your assets are greater than $46,500 then our Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) is negotiated up to $200,000. You may pay in a lump sum or you can pay a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) of up to $31.56 per day. You may like to choose a combination of RAD and DAP e.g. if you pay a lump sum of $100,000 then your DAP would be $15.78 per day.

Care costs are subsidised by the government and residents with private income may be asked to contribute towards these costs.